Pests are by definition annoying, and unrelenting. You can try many different ways to eradicate
them from your home and yard to no avail.

With the growing market of products available at the stores for killing bugs and insects you have
two main choices when selecting a bug killer, an aerosol can or traps.

The aerosol can is great for on contact killing, and can be good up to 3 months. It is one of the
most commonly used insecticides on the market. Traps are a great choice, because of cost and
ease to set up. It takes almost no time. All you must do is fold a box and put it in the entryway of
any room. It is by and far one of the simplest methods to catch indoor insects.

As a bonus, you can look in the traps and actually see the stuff you are catching. At times this
can be a “Wooh” moment. Some homeowners can’t even believe some of the bugs you will
catch. It can span from spiders to ants to even roaches!

When you don’t have a good line of defense on the outside of your home, chances are you are
going to have a bunch of unwanted pest trying to invade your home. This is why it is crucial to
have some kind of defense outside as well as inside. We have all seen popular pest control
brands such as Orkin, come in and spray your home and perhaps treat the perimeter.

However, the cost is somewhat high. Chances are that a local pest control company will be able to offer
you the same services at a fraction of the cost. This makes it a no brainer, to pick up. Feel free
to get in touch with us for a quote or if you’re more near California, try our friends Gecko Pest

If it comes down to a DIY situation, and you choose an aerosol spray, one of the most common
is Raid. This particular product uses chemicals that will kill on contact. This is great for flying
insects or ants specifically. Raid has a number of options depending on what insect or bug you
are looking to get rid of. They can be somewhat effective.

However, if you are having an invasion for outside your house, they are only going to be a
temporary solution, and you will have to keep purchasing the product. The best product you
can choose comes from the pest control company that you would find locally. They will
be able to guarantee results and keep your home pest free. Often times you will only have to do
treatment once every three months.

This is fantastic for those who don’t have the time to schedule a visit and don’t want to have to
think about it that often. Who really wants to think about pest control on a monthly or sadly daily